Bessie Anna (Brown) Bell Ford

Bessie Anna (Brown) Bell Ford
My mother's 8th grade graduation picture

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beginning to tell "My Story"

A friend of mine and fellow (but much better) blogger has told me several times that I should "blog" about my genealogy research.

She is very good, I hope to learn a lot from her, but it will take awhile.

Welcome to my first post and I look forward to sharing my family story and my other research with you.


  1. I'm so happy to see that you're going to blog about your research. You have tons to share and teach us, Mary Ann! It will be so much fun for you and for all of us who will be following. I look forward to learning from you.

  2. Hello!

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    Thomas MacEntee

  3. Welcome Mary, it's great to have you here and I look forward to reading many of your posts about your family history.

  4. Welcome and best of luck! I look forward to reading your posts about your family and genealogy!

  5. C'mon tell us what you know, and if we can contribute anything, we will. I'm new to blogging as well, so you're not alone :-) Jo

  6. Welcome aboard!

    So happy that I found your blog! I was born in Colorado Springs, then we lived in Florence and Penrose when I was a child. I've been in Texas for most of my adult life, but I do miss Colorado somedays... :)

    Ruth Stephens
    Bluebonnet Country Genealogy